Our range of electric cars can meet all your needs, from the ultra-compact city car to the functional commercial vehicle. Peugeot's 100% electric vehicles combine an innovative design, remarkable environmental performance and cutting-edge technology.


Our electric models benefit from a modern design blending audacity with robustness. Their rounded lines are immediately attractive and they offer all the comfort passengers need. Versions dedicated to professionals provide outstanding amounts of space.


Peugeot’s electric vehicles guarantee unparalleled driving pleasure thanks to the total absence of noise and the remarkable environmental performance (zero CO2 emissions and zero fuel). Choosing a Peugeot electric vehicle means saving money every day, and above all playing an active part in protecting the environment.


Equipped with lithium batteries that are quick and easy to charge, Peugeot’s electric cars come with technology to make travel easier. Their range ensures peace of mind on any journey, magnified by the on-board connectivity (touch-screen, Bluetooth®, USB plug etc.).

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