Our range of urban runabouts is composed of small, modern, connected cars designed to weave through the urban jungle. Their small dimensions and strong design give your journeys elegance and agility. Respecting the environment and your budget, they are ideal for daily urban travel.


With their dynamic looks and small dimensions, Peugeot’s urban cars have a legitimate place in our cities. Offering unique and stylish accessories with their wide choice of personalisation options, they radiate their individual, assertive style in the streets. Sitting at the wheel of a Peugeot urban runabout means choosing elegance and modernity.


Compact and easy to handle, Peugeot’s city cars are up to any urban challenge, including parking manoeuvres. These agile, clever little cars weave their way through the streets effortlessly. Great care has also been taken to ensure a comfortable ride, with optimised storage space and ergonomics.


With a higher turning circle, our cars can nip through even the narrowest city streets. Equipped with PureTech petrol and BlueHDi diesel engines, they offer low consumption and CO2 emissions for economical, responsible driving. The electric engine in the Peugeot iOn offers zero CO2 emissions and fuel consumption. By choosing a Peugeot urban runabout, you are helping to protect the environment.


Peugeot’s city cars come with many advanced modern technologies: touch-screen, Mirror Screen function, Bluetooth® connection, connected navigation and driving aids (parking, braking), all providing much-appreciated peace of mind and driving comfort.


*available depending on model and trim

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