From 20 € *

The features of this plan are to be adapted by the subsidiary according to the choice of “From” price it chooses to promote.
The text below is therefore just an EXAMPLE:

Inspection of your current battery before any replacement.
A battery (two-year warranty).
Labour for fitting
Visual checks* by PEUGEOT experts
A technician’s report


There are specially designed plans for vehicles 3 years old and older: spend less on your car while taking advantage of the expertise of our PEUGEOT technicians. These plans make use of EUROREPAR parts, selected and validated by PEUGEOT engineers, and are guaranteed for two years (parts and labour) throughout the Peugeot network of approved repair shops.
These plans include parts, labour, and PEUGEOT individual inspections. An all-inclusive offer that gives you cost certainty, specially designed for your PEUGEOT over three years old.


By entrusting the PEUGEOT network with checks and repairs, you enjoy a number of advantages. The plans are competitively priced and the checks and repairs are carried out by PEUGEOT experts.


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